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8 Essential Apps For Students

Posted August 27, 2014 in Consumer, Lifestyle & Fun, Smartphones by 0

Whether you’re moving to a new town or staying close to home, the life of a student is full of new opportunities, responsibilities and decisions. It’s the first time in most people’s lives where they’ll have to decide how long you can get away with not doing laundry and when it’s time to call it a night when you have an 8AM class. It’s the first time most people will have to make their own decisions where to live, what to eat and what kind of phone, TV and internet plans will help them stay connected to their friends, their shows and the academic resources they’ll need to get through the next semester (aka Wikipedia).

Luckily, your phone can be a powerful tool to help you tackle every challenge that student life throws your way. We’ve assembled a list of some of the most useful apps that should be installed on every student’s phone:

mint Mint
Student life is stressful enough without having to stay on top of bills, loans and other expenses. Mint helps you aggregate all of your finances into one place, reminding you of upcoming bills and even providing recommendations for how to save money and set budgets based on your spending habits.
Available on iOS and Android.
Studious Studious
It’s always awkward when your phone goes off in the middle of a lecture. Studious lets you input your class schedule to automatically silence your phone while you’re in class. It also allows you to save class notes and reminds you about important dates such as tests and homework assignments!
Available on Android
Study Blue Study Blue
Whether you’re memorizing historical dates or physics equations, it’s hard to find a memorization tool with better results than good old “flash cards”. Study Blue makes it easy to create custom decks of flash cards for whatever you’re trying to learn.
Available on iOS and Android.
Duolingo Duolingo
Want to get ahead of the curve in your “Italian 101” class (or just want to make conversation with that cute exchange student)? Duolingo is the world’s greatest language learning app featuring varied and gamified lesson plans in a variety of languages, intelligent repetition of your most difficult words and the ability to track your progress against your Facebook friends. Magnifico!
Available on iOS and Android.
CamScanner CamScanner
Need access to a scanner when the library is closed? Look no further than your own pocket. Cam Scanner uses your phone camera to create high resolution pdf documents so you can copy your classmates’ notes or the one page you actually need in that heavy textbook.
Available on iOS and Android.
Bell TV App Bell Mobile TV
Even the most dedicated student has to take some time to shut the textbook and unwind.  Bell Mobile TV delivers 110 Live and On Demand channels right to your phone. So you can catch up on the latest episode of Amazing Race Canada or catch the highlights from last night’s game whether you’re on the bus, in the library or in the back row of the lecture hall.
Available on iOS and Android.
Learning doesn’t have to stop in the classroom. The TED app brings you content from the popular TED Talks with some of the world’s greatest thinkers talking on subjects ranging from the future of technology to practical tips for self motivation.
Available on iOS and Android.
Dropbox Dropbox
Don’t risk losing that important essay to an unexpected hard drive crash. There are lots of cloud storage options out there but Dropbox still has one of the best offerings with tons of app integrations, flawless syncing between devices and lots of free space to get you started.
Available on iOS and Android.



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