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Top Five Tips For Using Your Cloud Applications More Securely

Posted July 3, 2015 in Business, Cloud, Security, Small Business Tips by 0

Cloud adoption by businesses seems to be growing to almost universal proportions, with one recent survey of 930 IT professionals reporting that 93% were using or experimenting with some form of cloud services. But while the cloud offers cost efficiencies,…

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Why the Network is Key to a Successful Cloud Strategy

Posted April 15, 2015 in Business, Cloud, Enterprise, Network, New Technology by 0

Global forecasts show that companies are rapidly embracing the cloud to make their businesses more productive, collaborative and cost-effective. And while many organizations understand the capabilities offered by the latest cloud-based services, it’s important that they also consider the network…

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Cloud Sharing Can Cut Costs in the Energy and Resources Industry

Energy and resource development was a big data industry long before big data became all the rage. If you work in the industry you also know how challenging it is to connect your remote locations, and your remote teams, to…

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Five Ways The Cloud Can Help You Cut Costs

Posted August 9, 2013 in Business, Small Business Tips by 2

For most companies contemplating moving some or all of their IT requirements to the cloud, improved operational efficiencies are most frequently cited as the primary driver. However, making the switch to cloud-based services can also save companies money. A recent…

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