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How to Maximize Battery Life On Your Smartphone

Posted March 29, 2016 in Consumer, Smartphones, Tips by 0

What’s more frustrating than a dead phone? That question likely gave you pause, and you’re not the only one. You’re probably familiar with the sense of panic that sets in when you see your phone battery sink into the red…

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Top Tips to Tighten Security on Your Android

Posted March 22, 2016 in Consumer, Smartphones by 0

What would you rather lose, your wallet or your smartphone? If you find that to be a tough ultimatum, you’re not alone. One of the many reasons you feel so connected to your smartphone these days is that it contains…

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The Perfect Marriage: BlackBerry and Android come together in PRIV

Posted November 18, 2015 in Business, Smartphones by 1

One of the primary complaints BlackBerry users have lodged over the years has centred around the lack of apps available on Blackberry devices when compared to other mobile platforms. And after much buzz and speculation, Blackberry has worked to solve…

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LG G4: A device that gets noticed

Posted November 10, 2015 in Lifestyle & Fun, Smartphones by 1

I’m not the type of girl who gets excited by the latest and greatest new gadgets. And you’ll never catch me waiting in line for the newest device on the market. But, a few weeks ago I was given the…

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Feed Your Social Addiction: A Look at HTC’s New One M9

Posted May 26, 2015 in Consumer, Lifestyle & Fun, Smartphones by 1

Like many other smartphone owners, I spend a lot of my spare time staring at my smartphone’s screen. I stare at it while I’m waiting in line for lunch or riding on public transit. Usually I’m scrolling through Twitter notifications,…

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Health in Your Hand: A Look at Samsung’s New Galaxy S6 Smartphones

Posted April 20, 2015 in Consumer, Lifestyle & Fun, Smartphones, Tips by 0

Can your smartphone help keep you healthy? Increasingly, the answer is an unqualified yes. Today’s smartphones are stuffed with tons of sensors and computing power – just the ticket to help you set fitness goals, track your activity, share the…

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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge: Game changer or incremental improvement?

Posted April 10, 2015 in Business, Consumer, New Technology, Smartphones by 0

I consider myself a mobile tech enthusiast. Why? Well, I own more smartphones, tablets and laptops than I probably should, and I’m always the person my friends come to when they can’t figure out how to make something work on…

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