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A New APProach to Teaching: 6 Apps for Dads

Posted June 19, 2015 in Lifestyle & Fun, Mobile Parent, Smartphones by 0

Dads have an inherent desire to help their kids become the best they can be. They’re always enthusiastic about teaching their children something new. From uplifting milestones like letting go of their childrens’ bikes as they ride without training wheels to educating them on life’s most important lessons, these teachable moments make every dad shine a little brighter.

But many dads may not realize the teaching tools that are right in the palm of their hands – with smartphones or tablets, there are so many fun and engaging ways to bring the “dad curriculum” to life!

This Father’s Day, teach your kids lessons to last a lifetime with the help of these six innovative apps:

Baseball Pitch Speed Pro

Download for Android ($1.46)

Gone are the days where you needed to drag along a radar gun to the diamond. These days, you can work on perfecting your kids’ throw with Baseball Pitch Speed Pro – an app designed to help you monitor and measure pitch duration and speed with ease. You can also track and analyze your kids’ “statistics” with the “Coach’s Clipboard” and use your personal expertise to tweak their pitches accordingly. Are they already on their way to making the big leagues? Select one of six distance presets to alter the distance between the mound and home plate. Who’s up first?

How To Tie a Tie

Download for Android or iOS (Free)

Has your son entered the world of suits and tuxedos? Whether he’s perfecting his look for prom or getting ready to walk down the aisle, How to Tie a Tie is a handy style-resource to assist you in passing on your knot knowledge. Featuring an augmented reality application, the app will allow your son to match his reflection on-screen and follow the step-by-step instructions in real-time. With 24 tie knots to fit any occasion (like necktie knots, ascots and bow-tie knots), you’ll get all the credit for shortening his tying time while expanding his knot repertoire!

Bankaroo- Virtual Bank for Kids

Download for Android or iOS (Free)

To all the proud contributors to your kids’ piggy banks: Inspire the young “saver” in your children with the help of Bankaroo -an app that allows kids to better understand budgeting through first-hand experience. Create a personal account for each of your kids and they’ll be on their way to tracking their allowance and spending activities. Teach your children the value of saving money now and they’ll likely thank you later!

Mobile Observatory – Astronomy

Download for Android ($5.66)

Star light, star bright, what’s the first star you’ll see tonight? Find out with Mobile Observatory – an app that comes packed with information on stars, planets, meteor showers, comets and more! The app displays objects in the sky that are visible from your current location and provides details on past and future cosmic movements. You can also browse and send upcoming events to your personal calendar and plan your star-gazing nights in advance. Take your seats under the stars and get ready – this app is sure to ignite both parent and kid curiosity.

Canadian Driving Tests

Download for Android or iOS (Free)

Time to give up your seat at the wheel? Teach your teen to drive responsibly with the help of Canadian Driving Tests – an app designed to educate soon-to-be drivers on the rules, signs and laws of the road and help them pass their driving test. Encourage your son or daughter to learn the basic (and the more advanced) elements of driving with over 3,200 province-specific questions and answers, as well as practice exams that you can help test them on! Take a deep breath – handing over the keys will never feel safer!

iFish series of Apps

Versions: Alberta (Android or iOS$7.99), BC (Android or iOS$6.99), Saskatchewan (Android or iOS$6.99), Ontario (Android or iOS$6.99)

Seeking all Fishermen! Experience the joys of fishing with the iFish series of Apps – a user-friendly and intuitive guide to fishing for both beginners and the seasoned angler. Available in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario, this app allows you to easily find lakes near you and view detailed information on them. Get real-time lake reports, weather conditions and the best fishing times so you can help master your kids’ skills in the best situations. You can also mark your favorite hot spots, record your fish discoveries and learn new tips and techniques to share with your kids. Now that’s a catch!

The bottom line

Dads play many roles in their children’s lives, including being really great teachers. From providing guidance on relationships to mastering a specific sport, dads pass on a lot of what they learn onto their kids. And if these lessons are taught in a fun and interactive way, then kids are more likely to retain what they’ve learned.  We hope that our app recommendations provide you with a few ideas to help capitalize on these “teachable” moments in a creative and rewarding way!

Do you use any other apps to educate your kids? We’d love to hear about them!

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