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Adriana Luciani shares her story on World Mental Health Day

Posted October 10, 2023 in English by 0

My name is Adriana and I am currently a Channel Marketing Coordinator within the Loyalty and Retention department. I have been with Bell for almost two years and successfully landed my role upon graduating from the Commerce program at Ontario Tech University. I have also joined the Bell Ambassador Team where I get to volunteer, explore and represent our company at promotional and special events, campaigns, and tradeshows and showcase the diverse and inclusive environment at Bell!

My role requires regular communication with many cross-functional teams. I get to work with my Manager on quarterly campaigns, where I use my creative background in marketing to come up with themes for our microsites that get completed by agents. Most days are spent managing work back schedules, collaborating with our agency, designing digital ad reminders and analyzing results from our reports generated from microsite activity completion rates. It is a great role for anyone who is looking to learn more about what goes into regular calls our agents take to build loyalty and retention at Bell with our customers!

When I graduated, I knew that Bell would be a top choice for my job search. Their dedication towards mental health in the workplace is what really caught my interest, and as soon as I saw the opportunity for the role I have now, I jumped right on it! When I began my job search, I made sure to find a company offering excellent benefits and resources towards mental health support. As someone who has grown up with a chronic eating disorder and anorexia – this was important to me. Thus, the main reason I was drawn towards landing a role with Bell – and what I value most being able to work here – is due to Bell Let’s Talk Day – and the overall commitment we continue to show towards Mental Health awareness.

Upon joining Bell, I felt an instant sense of belonging – a shift in my mindset. For so long, anorexia had made me isolate myself from being in the community, as the feelings of depression and anxiety arose as an outcome. I never wanted to be around others. But my team expresses their great support and make me feel heard. Bell offers many opportunities to take part in promoting mental health, and I hope one day to share my story at events. My goal is to encourage and inspire others to fight their own battle, step out of their comfort zone – and know that they are not alone.

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