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An App For Every Dad

Posted June 18, 2015 in Lifestyle & Fun, Mobile Parent, Smartphones by 0

Whether you’re the family-acclaimed music “rockstar” or a pro hockey coach (in your kids’ minds at least), there’s an app to suit the passions and interests of every Dad. This Father’s Day, take a few minutes to reward yourself for your devotion to your kids by indulging in some much-deserved self-app-reciation time!

Here are six app recommendations that cater to the many aspects of being a dad. Feel free to test them out on June 21st, or get to downloading right away:

RedLaser: For the Dad Who Loves A Good Deal

Download for Android or iOS (Free)

Are you often found tossing through weekly flyers in search of a good buy? Smart shopping awaits with the help of RedLaser – an app that lets you scan your favourite products with your smartphone to find the absolute best prices and promotion offers from thousands of online and local retailers. Create and share wish lists of items you’ve put on “watch” with your friends and family and make your purchases instantly within the app. That’s right – you can scout and make informed purchasing decisions without stepping foot in a store! Now that’s shopping made comfortable.

Couch to 5k: For the Dad Who Loves to Run

Download for Android and iOS ($2.06)

Runners up! Whether you’re already a pro runner from your days running track or you’re stuck in a couch-potato funk, Couch to 5k is an app designed to help you push yourself to your fitness limits! Choose your own personal motivational “coach” to provide tips while you train and listen to your favourite tunes with the in-app music player. Calculate your distance and pace with built-in GPS support and track your progress with every run.You ready? Your move from the couch to the finish line begins now.

TeamSnap-Sport Team Management: For the Dad Who Loves to Coach

Download for Android or iOS (Free 21 day trial, varying payment plans available afterwards)

Looking for new ways to organize your child’s busy sports schedule? Whether you’re the official Little League coach or happily pride yourself on cheering from the sidelines, TeamSnap makes sports-parenting a lot easier. Keep track of team rosters, phone numbers and addresses and record who is coming to every game or practice. Combine this with the ability to sync personal and team calendars and TeamSnap helps to ensure you’re always carpool ready! Weather calling for thunderstorms? Planning a pizza party to celebrate the team’s efforts? Send instant updates to your whole team (or a selected group) and communicate like the pros.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords: For the Rockstar Dad

Download for Android or iOS ($3.76)

Attention: dads who live for rock & roll (or aspire to!). Introducing Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords – a mobile version of the world’s largest online catalog of guitar chords, tabs and lyrics. Start as a beginner and learn how to play guitar or perfect your skills with interactive lessons (available as an in-app purchase).With over 800,000 tabs and free daily updates (including recent hit songs), you’ll be strummin’ like a superstar in no time. Got a musical family? Invite them to sing the on-screen lyrics while you master the chords, or vice versa!

Flipboard: Your News Magazine: For the Know-It-All Dad

Download for Android or iOS (Free)

Are you always up to date on the latest news stories? Do your kids rely on you to help them with their current events assignments? Design your very own personal magazine to stay on top of news from around the world and other topics that pique your interest with Flipboard. The app provides easy access to world-class publications like The New York Times and you can also sync your social media profiles to easily flip through pictures and posts from people you follow online. Hang onto your phone Dad – chances are your family will be reaching for your device!

Skydroid – Golf GPS Scorecard: For the Dad Who Loves to Golf

Download for Android or iOS ($2.18)

Do you hit the links every chance you get? Tee off in style with Skydroid – an app that determines your distance to every green and obstacle on the course. Select your local club with the GPS range finder and get instant access to a satellite map. The app can also track the distance of your putt so that you can improve your accuracy with every swing. Scorecards ready? Prepare to hit a hole-in-one and blow your golf buddies away!

The bottom line

It may be your day to drive the kids’ carpool or you could be up late providing business advice to your son-turned-entrepreneur over the phone. Whatever the reason, being a dad means dedicating so much of your time to supporting your children. We hope that our apps provide you with some activities to enjoy in your free time in a way that suits the “type” of father and person you are!

Which apps best suit you? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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