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#BellBiz Twitter Chat: “Bring Your Own Device”

Our first #BellBiz Twitter chat was so successful that we’ve decided to hold another one. In fact, we’ll be holding them weekly, and our next one is already scheduled for tomorrow – Tuesday, October 23rd at 1:00 p.m. EST.

There’s been a trend building in business for the past couple of years, as more employees buy their own mobile technology, then bring it into the office and expect to be able to use it at work. It’s called bring your own device, or BYOD, and it’s already rewriting how we use technology in business. The old way – where companies bought fleets of laptops or smartphones and then simply handed them out to employees – is giving way to a new reality where employees have increased flexibility to use their personal devices to manage day-to-day work.

BYOD can significantly impact how your company acquires and manages technology, how you train your people and even how you pay for it all. During our chat, we’ll discuss what BYOD is – and isn’t – and we’ll explore ways to maximize the benefit and minimize the risk.

We’ll once again be using the #BellBiz hashtag for our chat. So if you’ve got any BYOD-related questions or suggestions you’d like us to include, feel free to post them in advance. In the meantime, here are a few questions to get us started:

  1. Do you do BYOD? Why? Why not?
  2. How has your company benefited from BYOD? Can you really save money? Does it affect employee satisfaction?
  3. Have you run into any speed bumps along the way?
  4. Have your support processes changed? How?
  5. Who should pay? Both for the equipment itself and for any monthly voice and data charges after the fact?
  6. Should companies put limits on what technology employees can choose?
  7. What about training? How do you handle it if everyone’s using different technology?
  8. How does BYOD impact security? Should we be worried?
  9. How do you keep personal and professional data and apps separate? Should you?
  10. If you could change one thing about bringing in BYOD, what would it be?

Even if BYOD seems new to you, chances are at least some of your employees are already using their own technology to get work done. Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss one of the most significant trends in business tech, and share insight with other businesses and industry experts on how to best take advantage of it.

See you on Twitter under the #BellBiz hashtag tomorrow at 1 p.m. EST. And don’t forget to share your suggestions. Thanks for making our chats so successful!

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