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#BellBiz Twitter Chat Goes Viral

Can a Twitter chat turn into a national event? In our case, yes!

We held our first live Twitter chat on Tuesday (search on the #BellBiz hashtag – or just click here – in case you missed it) and it didn’t take long before we realized we were onto something. The questions and answers flew fast and furious, and before we knew it, #BellBiz had become a trending topic in Canada.

In Twitter circles, this is huge. It means you’re more than just popular. It means your discussion is influential enough for everyone else to notice.

We couldn’t be more pleased. We decided to launch our live Twitter chats because we knew small businesses wanted a place to ask questions, get answers and discuss their technology needs with each other and with industry experts, all in real-time. Our goal was to facilitate those discussions for small businesses across Canada, and also to provide an opportunity for small businesses to voice their challenges, opinions and success stories. We knew there was interest in this initiative, but we were blown away at how much interest there truly was.

We’re thankful for our sponsors from the Bell Small Business team, our esteemed experts from IDC Canada, Tim Brunt (Program Manager, Personal Computing and Technology) and Krista Napier (Senior Analyst, Mobility), and Michael Clewley (Director, Handheld Software Product Management with Research In Motion.)

Special thanks, also, to all of you who participated. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as enjoyable and informative without your input and enthusiasm.

So how do we follow up our first live Twitter chat? With our second, of course. We’re already hard at work getting ready for our next chat. Same time – 1:00 p.m. Eastern – and same place, the #BellBiz hashtag. We’ll be talking about the implications of the “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) trend in small business.

We’re also looking for your thoughts on possible future topics – both for the Small Business Blog, as well as for Twitter chats. Let us know with a comment below, or pop into Twitter and tweet your ideas to @Bell_SmallBiz. See you on Twitter tomorrow!

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4 responses to “#BellBiz Twitter Chat Goes Viral”

  1. @BhuDeo says:

    Great stuff!!!

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks! Be sure to join us again tomorrow if you’re available Bhupinder!

  3. homepage says:

    Appreciate you sharing, great blog.Thanks Again. Great.

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