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Mark this coming Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 1:00 p.m. ET on your calendar. You won’t want to miss our first Twitter chat on issues that matter most to your business.

We’ll regularly pull in notable guests from tech/business community to discuss topics that matter to your business.  We’ll throw around a few questions and let the insight develop from there. These chats are all about you and your business, the more involved you are, the better. So bring your questions and let’s see what develops over the hour. Follow the #BellBiz hashtag to take part and get updates leading up to the chat.

We’re going to kick things off this Tuesday with a spirited discussion on operating systems. Whether you’re a Windows or Mac addict, an OS is something you use every day. A little bit of background can help us make the right OS choices and, more importantly, ensure the technology fits what we’re trying to get done.

We’ve included a few questions here to get things started, but we invite you to post your own to @Bell_SmallBiz both before and during the chat.

Desktop / Notebook

  • Is there one “best” operating system (OS) for everybody?
  • What are the main things a business must consider when choosing an OS?
  • Should an OS be based around local storage, or in the cloud era, can an OS rely more on Web-based software and services?
  • What major desktop OS releases are coming out soon? Should I hold off on a PC purchase until they’re out?
  • Should I upgrade the operating system on an existing computer, or buy new hardware?


  • Mobile OS’s are getting lots of headlines, too. Who are the major players and how can I begin to make sense of them?
  • What major mobile OS releases are coming out soon? Are they worth waiting for?
  • Can a business operate in an environment where employees are using various mobile OS’s?
  • Security has been an issue on desktop OS’s for a long time. But do I have to worry about viruses and malware on mobile now?
  • How do mobile OS’s connect to their desktop counterparts? Does iOS integrate better with Mac OS X? Does Windows Phone work best with Windows?

Join me and our special guest this – and every – Tuesday at 1 p.m. at the Twitter hashtag #BellBiz. Bring your curiosity and bring your questions: we can’t wait to explore business and tech with you!

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