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What do I need to get 4K?

Posted July 8, 2016 in Television by 0

In the first part of this series, we discussed the benefits of 4K over “traditional” HD. But contrary to what some believe, just buying a massive 4K-compatible UHD TV and setting it up inside your home doesn’t instantly transform your…

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Bell Rebates Available

Posted July 4, 2016 in Smartphones by 0

Bell and the Commissioner of Competition have reached a resolution to ongoing litigation concerning third-party charges on your Bell wireless account for Premium Text Message Programs. This resolution is reflected in a Consent Agreement (the “Agreement”), a copy of which…

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“I need FTTH if…”

Posted June 28, 2016 in Internet, Network, Tips by 0

You hear a lot these days about “fibre-to-the-home” or “FTTH,” but you still don’t really understand the hype and why you need this kind of Internet connection speed in your home. Maybe you don’t. Maybe that old cable or DSL…

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