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March 17th, Day 4: Chatham > Windsor

The first few days of the Big Ride have delivered beyond my original expectations of cycling around Canada back in 2012. From the electricity of Day 1 in Toronto at Maple Leaf Square, to the heart-warming youth and community events in Hamilton and St. Thomas – this nation, community by community, is stepping forward to make sure their voices are heard. We are going to keep this conversation rolling and work towards a stigma-free Canada.

We have experienced headwinds, tailwinds, and cross winds but we are ready to face the Canadian elements. I heard that this is the second worst winter on record in Ontario, not exactly the most ideal conditions to begin the journey, but with my team behind me, my team riders alongside me, and the support of this great country we will make it to Ottawa on Canada Day!


Clara arrives with her teammates in Hamilton, Ontario.

In Hamilton, at the Unfiltered Facts Youth Centre, I met some courageous young girls who joined me on stage to share what they are doing for mental health in their community. In St.Thomas at the Talbot Teen Centre, we again shared this idea that connectivity can heal, and sometimes that just means listening. I have been moved by each individual who has taken the time to support the Ride, whether attending a community event, writing a poem, making a sign, sharing a tweet or donating to a local mental health charity. Every effort builds toward the collective good of what we are doing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let’s keep it going…


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