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Crave TV: Your Source for the Best Halloween-Themed Episodes

Posted October 21, 2015 in Consumer, Lifestyle & Fun, Television by 0

Halloween is a time for candy, costumes and really good TV. I mean, some of the best TV shows dedicate a half or a full hour solely to celebrating the haunted holiday. For this reason, I’ve developed a Halloween TV-watching ritual. It’s pretty simple: I create a schedule of shows to watch on the days leading up to October 31st and do my best to stick to it. Of course, life can get busy and I may miss a scheduled screening, but there’s something about watching Halloween-themed content during the season that’s just better.

Enter Crave TV. With a wide selection of Halloween-themed episodes right at your bloody fingertips, getting into a spooky mood is easy! And while you can flip through channels on Fibe TV to catch hilarious Halloween specials, having additional access to the best TV shows when you want them makes for an incredible viewing experience.

Choose which TV shows will make it into your Halloween “Crave TV Calendar” with my list of recommendations below:

  1. There’s that unforgettable Season 1 episode of the Big Bang Theory when Penny hosts an absurd (and super awkward) Halloween party.
  2. We also recommended the hilarious “Trick Or Treat” episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm when Larry gets up to no good with the costumed visitors at his house.
  3. Fan of Fraiser? Get ready to laugh out loud in the Season 5 Halloween episode when Niles makes all of his guests dress up as literature characters and attend one of the most sophisticated Halloween parties of all time (would you really expect anything else?).

Crave more Halloween? Check out our list of the top 20 Halloween episodes available on Crave TV (Warning: doing so may result in severe binge-watching!).

And when you’re feeling in need of a terrifying thrill, indulge in a horror-filled episode of Penny Dreadful, Bitten, Twilight Zone or The Following. Think you can handle even more of a scare? The Intruders is another TV series on my Halloween Must-Watch list (but I won’t be watching this one alone!).

The Bottom Line

Halloween isn’t just a holiday for kids. There’s a certain nostalgia that everyone holds for this day, no matter their age. And there’s no better way to re-live your childhood of trick-or-treating than with some of your favourite (or never-before-seen) Halloween and horror themed TV episodes. We hope that some of our viewing suggestions on Crave TV can help suit your spooky needs this Halloween season.

Looking for the best Halloween apps to download? Take a look at our Halloween app recommendations in our Top Halloween Apps post.

Which Halloween-themed episode on Crave TV will you watch first? Share your thoughts!

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