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Feed Your Social Addiction: A Look at HTC’s New One M9

Posted May 26, 2015 in Consumer, Lifestyle & Fun, Smartphones by 1

Like many other smartphone owners, I spend a lot of my spare time staring at my smartphone’s screen. I stare at it while I’m waiting in line for lunch or riding on public transit. Usually I’m scrolling through Twitter notifications, skimming Facebook updates and uploading new photos to Instagram. And doing so becomes even more fun and entertaining on the new HTC One M9.

HTC’s newest iteration in the One series features more than a few noteworthy changes over last year’s award-winning M8. Here’s a breakdown of what I like most about the device:

Eye-Catching Construction – Right out of the box, the M9 was light to hold with a high-end look. The all-metal handset boasts a 5-inch screen and an elegant, angular body with a darker Gunmetal Grey finish — which, in my opinion, is much easier on the eyes than some of the stark whites and brighter colours that come with some of the other smartphones on the market. The M9 is also a pleasure to hold in my palm because of its rounded rear casing, which offers a great grip for all of those shameless selfies (no selfie stick required).

Game-Changing Sound – Many of us – myself included – have purchased external speakers to give our smartphone’s sound a little more oomph. However, with the HTC One M9, my Bluetooth speakers are no longer necessary. The HTC One M9’s front-facing dual speakers provide big sound, courtesy of HTC’s BoomSound feature and its integration with Dolby Audio. Even for someone like me who has slight hearing loss, the speakers provide a rich, immersive experience without hooking up the device to external speakers. So I can blissfully blare my YouTube playlists without having to lug additional accessories around with me.

Smooth functionality – Under its hood, the combination of a Snapdragon octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM easily operates Android Lollipop without so much as a hiccup. I’m able to quickly open several apps, run graphic-heavy games and load massive photo files, all completely glitch free.

Picture-Perfect Portraits – One of the most noteworthy differences between the M8 and M9 is the upgrade that’s taken place to both the front- and rear-facing cameras. My usual gripe with smartphone photos is that the resolution often isn’t high enough for my liking. But the M9’s new 20MP primary camera captures crisp, high-resolution shots that I’m actually excited to share on Facebook, Instagram and my other social channels. The same applies to the 4MP front camera, which manages to take crisp self-portraits even in low light environments. And as a mobile multi-tasker, one of the features that most intrigues me is the dual-camera option. With a single click, I can snap photos with both cameras simultaneously — meaning I can take self-portraits without missing out on any beautiful scenery shots.

Quick and Easy Photo Editing – I spend far more time than I’d like to admit tinkering with photos on Instagram. And with the HTC One M9, I don’t need to open third-party apps to enhance my amateur snaps. Instead, I’m able to get creative with HTC’s built-in effects and filters. A personal fav is the Photo Booth feature, which strings together four consecutively snapped photos I can then share with my friends.

The Home Widget – I use my smartphone for both work and play, and the Home Widget helps keep me organized. I arrange my favourite apps and separate them by function — for school, work, home or anywhere in between. So now my social media apps and other favs are expertly grouped and accessible within a couple of quick finger taps.

Notifications in a Blink – One of the cool add-ons that drew me to the One M9 is its BlinkFeed feature. With a simple swipe, this feature feeds me social media updates, news from my preferred media outlets and even offers up location-based restaurant recommendations — no more worrying about where I can nosh nearby.

The bottom line

HTC’s new flagship phone is a significant improvement on its fore-bearers. With a high-quality build, quick access to favourite apps, game-changing sound capabilities and impressive power, this model is a solid option for those endeavoring to stay effortlessly connected.

What are your thoughts on HTC’s newest smartphone? Share your comments below.

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One response to “Feed Your Social Addiction: A Look at HTC’s New One M9”

  1. Ahmad Imran says:

    I agree and M9 is my new all-time-favourite device. I review high-end Android devices can confirm that the design, UI and internal speakers make this phone the best in its class as an overall package. There may be individual weaknesses but if you look at the package with all the pros and cons, the M9 comes out to the top.

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