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Great Android Apps for Businesses

There are only so many hours in the day, so choosing the right apps for your mobile device is critical to getting the maximum amount of work done with minimum fuss. Fortunately, there’s never been a better selection of sophisticated business apps, and as Android continues to solidify its position as a leading mobile platform, there’s no shortage of incredibly capable apps to choose from.

If you’re using an Android-based smartphone like Samsung’s Galaxy S5 or a phablet like the Galaxy Note 3, in addition to the standard business apps like LinkedIn or Docs to go, check out the following apps to keep your workday running smoothly:

Evernote. Often described as an extension of the mobile worker’s brain, Evernote makes it a snap to capture the often-random snippets that characterize the typical workday – notes, web clippings and links, pictures, voice notes, etc. – and organize them for easy retrieval later on. In addition to the full-blown Android app, Evernote works across virtually every mobile and Mac or PC-based operating system, which makes it easy to seamlessly sync workflows across multiple devices. So when you get hit with that idea in the middle of nowhere, Evernote lets you capture it on your Android phone. It’ll be waiting for you when you get back to your PC.

Google Drive. This is an ideal solution for workers who constantly find themselves shuffling document, spreadsheet and presentation files between PCs and mobile devices. Google Drive lets users store any file in a secure, cloud-based account, then edit and access them from any device, anywhere. Google Drive works hand-in-hand with the Google Apps suite – including Docs, Sheets and Slides – to create productivity files and work with them online. Google Drive supports rich collaboration, as well, through point-and-click sharing and real-time interactive editing and allows Drive-based presentations to be shared from any device, including Android-based smartphones. Offline mode ensures the work doesn’t stop when Internet coverage isn’t available. 

HootSuite. This made-in-Canada app is the perfect all-in-one way for small businesses to stay on top of their social media accounts. HootSuite lets Android users manage all of their social media presences – including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, FourSquare and more – from one dashboard-like interface. Supported features include account configuration, team management and analytics. Robust scheduling allows batch entry of updates, hands-off posting and automated, event-based activities. For example, HootSuite can automatically post updates whenever someone updates the corporate blog. While HootSuite is available via the web, having an Android app means always being in control even when you’re on the road. Small businesses live and die on their ability to juggle large volumes of work, and task lists and to-do lists are integral to the effort. I’ve tried – and discarded – countless apps that claim to make the processes easier, but only has stuck. Whereas most apps in this category are too cumbersome to make them worthwhile, gets out of the way and doesn’t slow you down. If you don’t feel like typing, you can dictate your entries by voice, which are then automatically converted to text and synced to the cloud. A robust web interface and Google Task syncing make it easy to keep the workflow going when you’re at your PC, and a Chrome browser extension further tightens the smartphone/desktop connection.

The growing list of business-savvy apps available for Android devices means I’ll be posting updates to this entry on the blog before long, so keep an eye out for them. Until then, I hope you’ll keep one thing in mind: I chose these four apps to get the conversation started because I already use each of them daily. If they’re good enough to keep my own small business humming, I’m sure you’ll have a similar experience once you install them on your Android phone, too.

The bottom line
Android’s popularity means it is now a preferred platform for software developers. Which means the Google Play store is packed with powerful apps that can transform your business. We’ve picked four apps that you’ll want to download right now – if you haven’t already done so. But we know there are plenty of great Android apps out there. Which ones are you using on your Android smartphone? Let us know via the comments section below and we’ll post follow-up entries to the blog.

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