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Job application tips for new grads

Posted September 20, 2019 in Careers, English, Tips by 0

Even though the school year is just getting started, it’s a great time for post-secondary students to starting thinking about summer and post-graduation jobs.

This month, the Bell team will be visiting campuses across the country to search for young leaders to join our Graduate Leadership and Summer Intern Programs.

We know standing out among hundreds of other applicants can be difficult, so we’ve asked some of our current New Grads for tips on securing a full-time position at Bell:

“Your resume should show your academic accomplishments and extracurricular. It’s important to show that you’re a well-rounded candidate!

⁠—Bianca Toulany (Finance Grad Program)

“If you have relevant experience and stellar skills then you should make it as easy as possible for the recruiter to find that information. Don’t bury your best material at the bottom of a blanket resume, take the time to customize your application and draw direct comparisons between your skills and the requirements of the role.”

⁠—Minami Alguire (Human Resources Grad)

Quantify your successes. Apply real values to your performance to show how you drove results. i.e. ‘Developed and implemented new strategy that resulted in X% year over year growth.'”

⁠—Kajsa Cuthbert (Marketing, Operations, and Applied Technologies Grad Program)

“Make your resume stand out by highlighting skills and keywords that are identified in the job description.”

⁠—Justine Fajardo (Network Grad)

“Use the CAR model to highlight previous work experience: what was the Context in which you were required to act, what Action did you take, and what was the result?”

⁠—Calvin Caracciolo (Field Services Grad)

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all all application. You should change your resume to have direct and clear answers to all requirements in the job description.”

⁠—Guy Bernardet (Finance Grad)

“A resume is your opportunity to self-advertise. It’s your first impression. Show your creativity, your attention to detail and your drive!”

⁠—Kimsha Pierre (Human Resources Grad)

Another tip? Apply early. Applications for our campus to career programs close September 29th, but it never hurts to show how keen you are!

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