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Job interview tips for new grads

Posted September 30, 2019 in Careers, English, Tips by 0

So you submitted an online application, completed your online video interview, and have been chosen for an in-person job interview. What now?

We’ve gathered tips on acing an in-person interview from current Bell new grads who’ve been through the experience themselves.

Give yourself a break before your interview. A well-rested mind will give a better impression during the meeting.”

—Nicholas Hamel (Finance Grad)

Come prepared, be relaxed and enjoy your time! Share your talents, skills and passions and why you are the best for this position.”

—Giraud Tetang (Network Grad)

Every interviewer is different but all are looking for business leaders. Establish the belief that you possess exceptional judgment and are willing to take initiative and you will ace the interview.”

—Aanchal Sharma (IT Grad)

A firm handshake with steady eye contact is the best way to show confidence and make a good first impression.”

—Guy Bernardet (Finance Grad)

Don’t feel like you need to rush in answering the interviewer’s questions – take a deep breath and pause, this way your response will be thoughtful and articulate.”

—Justine Fajardo (Network Grad)

“Make sure you come prepared by researching the company. Prepare and anticipate questions.

—Emilie Patenaude (IT Grad)

Have an example of something you have done to validate any statement you make about yourself. Actions speak louder than words.”

—Kimsha Pierre (Human Resources Grad)

“Use the CAR model when answering interview questions: C is for context, A for action, and R for results. This allows them to easily check things off their requirements list and keeps your answer on point.”

—Kajsa Cuthbert (Marketing, Operations, and Applied Technologies Grad)

“Make sure you understand what the company does so that you can ask relevant questions related to the role and company and propose well thought out opportunities for improvement.”

Axel Ntakaburimvo-Ndayiragije (Field Services Grad)

Know your resume from start to end so you can identify a past work or extracurricular experience related to each bullet point in the job description.”

—Chukwubuikem (Chubby) Nnebe (Marketing, Operations and Applied Technologies Grad)   

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Good luck!

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