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Keep Track of Important Notes and Reminders with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As a business professional, I receive a lot of information throughout a busy day that I need to retain in order to keep work running smoothly. Sometimes I meet new business contacts and quickly write down their phone numbers on sticky notes. If I don’t have paper with me, I’ll often tap reminders into my phone. I also write to-do lists in my notebook. With so many notes scattered in different places, sometimes it can be difficult to keep everything organized.

This week, I discovered a great solution for managing all those reminders and random thoughts. I had the opportunity to test out the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Consolidate your notes in one place
If you’ve used earlier models of the Note, you might be familiar with S Note. The Note 4 introduces a new feature called Snap Note that allows me to take pictures of notes on paper or white boards, and converts the images into S Notes on my phone. I’ve found that it’s a great tool to keep all of my physical notes consolidated in an electronic format that I can edit right on screen.

Jot notes on your phone while you’re on-the-go
The Note 4 also features an enhanced S Pen™ that is more sensitive and responsive than previous versions. If you’re like me and enjoy putting pen to paper, the new S Pen provides a smoother experience than with previous models, and more closely emulates that pen-to-paper feeling. I also enjoyed writing with different pen styles like calligraphy and pencil.

Select and save screen shots for reference
With the new Smart Select feature, I can use the S Pen to draw a line around an area on my screen that I want to save, then add that selection to an S Note or share it via email or social media. As a writer, I’ve found it useful when saving stock photo options to go with whatever I happen to be writing at the time.

The bottom line
The Note 4 is sleek and stylish. If you like the flexibility of making notes in different mediums with the capability of keeping all of that information organized in one place, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 just might be the right fit for you.

How do you keep track of all the notes and memos you need? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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