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LG G4: A device that gets noticed

Posted November 10, 2015 in Lifestyle & Fun, Smartphones by 1

I’m not the type of girl who gets excited by the latest and greatest new gadgets. And you’ll never catch me waiting in line for the newest device on the market. But, a few weeks ago I was given the new LG G4 to test out. I had used the LG G3 previously and heard a lot of hype surrounding the G4 leading up to the launch, so I was pretty excited to try it. After taking the G4 for a whirl (which included a whole lot of selfies and texts), I can confidently say that it is a pretty cool smartphone. But is it enough to make this average, not-so-techy user take notice? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Performance and functionality

This is one smooth device. The G4 runs on Android Lollipop 5.1, features a 1.8 GHz hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor and includes 3GB of RAM that makes running multiple apps a smooth and seamless experience. The device handles graphic-heavy games, and large photo and video files extremely well. In fact, I never had to worry about the G4 freezing or lagging. It features a long-lasting, removable 3,000 mAh battery – something many other phones have abandoned. Also, as an added perk, the G4 is built to take advantage of LTE Advanced – which provides the fastest speeds available on the Bell network.

The world’s first 5.5-inch IPS Quantum Quad HD display

The LG G4 is a conversation starter. Whenever I pull out my G4 in public I get questions and comments about what type of phone it is and how I like it. But what everyone – and I mean everyone – asks me about is the screen. The display uses IPS Quantum technology that really brings colours to life, more than past devices I’ve used. The colour reproduction is impressive, producing high contrast and vivid images.

The device is large enough to check email and surf the Internet, all while browsing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I like to watch TV on my mobile device on my commute and finding a phone to make this enjoyable is no small feat (pun intended). The screen on my G4 makes my shows come to life and I often feel like I’m in my living room instead of a crowded train.


What really makes this device stand out from others is the camera. Seriously, the camera rocks! The G4 features a 16-megapixel main camera with a large f/1.8 aperture, taking crisp, clear pictures even in low lighting. More experienced photographers will want to take advantage of the manual shooting mode where you can customize almost everything – white balance, shutter speed, focus – all in order to get the perfect shot. It even gives you the option for 4k video recording. It’s no wonder the camera has blown away so many users. Now to my favourite part…

Selfie takers, like me, will love the front-facing camera, featuring a soft light – aptly called the selfie light – that brightens each photo to perfectly capture its most important subject, you! The 8-megapixel camera also records in full 1080 HD and is equipped with an f/2.0 aperture. I also found that the Gesture Shutter feature makes shooting easier. With a couple of quick and easy hand movements, such as opening and closing a fist, you can set a timer, capturing photos in a sequence. It really is that easy!

Design and aesthetics

The LG G4 comes with stylish, interchangeable leather and metallic back covers to help you change up the look and feel of the device. I opted for the metallic back cover, which features a tackle diamond pattern that you can really feel when you rub your hand on it. Since it is a large device, the diamond pattern also makes it easier for me to grip the phone. Super handy – see what I did there?

All the buttons are on the back of the phone giving it a smooth and uninterrupted look. Having the power and volume buttons on the side of the device may take some getting used to for the average user, but I found them incredibly convenient to access.

Extra perks

One of the many perks I love is the G4’s Smart Settings – think recipes from the IFTTT app built right into the device. Using context like location, usage and activity status, the Smart Settings will automate functions of your phone. I have mine set up to open the Bell TV app whenever I plug my headphones in. It works well, and it’s a neat feature.

Another thing I find incredibly useful about this device is its multitasking features. The G4 comes equipped with a dual window allowing you to run two apps at the same time – one on each half of the display. Also worth mentioning, the Q Slide function launches apps in windows that float above what you’re currently doing. You can even launch Q Slide overtop of the dual window. Genius!

The device includes some great battery-saving functions as well, such as Power Saver Mode that turns off non-essential features when you drop below 15%. Plus, Smart Notice – an LG widget that provides personalized suggestions and alerts – will warn you when applications are draining your battery. Luckily, I didn’t have to use these features too often since the battery is fantastic, but they were a great back-up plan on those particularly busy days.

The bottom line

So, you may be asking yourself, did she like it? My answer is a resounding yes! This well-rounded Android device ticks all the boxes you want to see in a high-end smartphone – even ones I didn’t know existed.

Have you tried the LG G4? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below.

Taryn Wismer is a B2B Social Media Specialist at Bell Canada. 

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One response to “LG G4: A device that gets noticed”

  1. Lenny92878 says:

    I love my G4. I have had it for almost a month now and I am really enjoying it. My previous phone was a G2 so I already knew the G4 was going to be a great phone. I like the fact that the phone is slightly curved. It makes it easier to handle. I give the LG G4 a 11 out of 10 rating

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