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LG’s G5 Introduces New Friends Without Sacrificing Performance

Posted May 25, 2016 in Consumer, Smartphones by 1

LG’s flagship “G” series devices have been a mainstay on the list of top Androids for the last few years boasting smooth performance, powerful cameras, brilliant screens and unique ergonomic touches like buttons on the rear of the phones. With the G5, LG has taken some of the best features of its predecessors and introduced innovative features that take the series in a new and exciting direction. Principal amongst these new features is a versatile dual rear camera, along with a modular approach to phone construction and accessories that will give G5 owners the ability to unlock new functionality that is truly unique among this generation of smartphones. Luckily the G5 doesn’t sacrifice any of the high-end specs that gadget fans have come to expect from LG, and that makes the G5 a very exciting potential choice for your next phone.

See More Than What Meets The Eye

Many of the cameras in the current generation of smartphones are uniformly excellent, so it takes some really unique innovations to set a smartphone’s camera apart from the pack. LG has definitely introduced a truly unique photographic innovation with its dual lens camera. The crystal clear 16MP camera is complimented by a 8MP wide angle lens allowing you to capture a far broader area. At a spectacular 135 degrees, the camera’s field of view spans further than the human eye! To give you a sense of what this actually means, imagine using your LG G5 to take panoramic photos in front of the CN Tower, a beautiful beach, or from the front row at a baseball stadium with the bases fully loaded behind you – the LG G5 can take these shots instantly, without the hassle of repositioning your device. So, the next time you ask a complete stranger to take that group shot of you and your friends, rest assured – no one will accidentally be cropped out!

LG’s user-friendly camera interface also allows photographers to easily toggle between the two lenses with simple touch-screen icons, or you can let the phone automatically switch for you when you zoom in and out of shots. Users even have the option of combining both lenses into a single shot for some really unique effects like the artistic “Pop-out Picture” which uses the wide angle picture as the frame for the more detailed close-up. I personally find myself using the wide-angle lens more often since I love the way the shots turn out for group pictures and landscapes. The front facing camera has its own flash to snap some awesome selfies and even works together with the rear-facing lenses to create collage style “multi-view” shots that put the photographer in the picture. If that’s still not enough camera for you, the G5’s “Manual Mode” allows you to adjust white balance, ISO and shutter speed so you can leave that heavy DSLR at home.

“Friends” Make Life More Fun

LG is calling the G5’s modular accessory ecosystem the LG “Friends.” These friends (which include the CAM Plus, the LG 360° CAM, and the LG 360° VR headset) let you extend the functions of the G5 in a very unique way. Some of the accessories actually act as a physical part of the phone, and are easily removable when you no longer need them. Others pair up with your device remotely, letting you experience incredibly cool functions – like VR!  But, which one do I consider my best “Friend”? The answer is easy – the CAM Plus accessory. The CAM Plus easily snaps onto the bottom of the G5’s metal chassis to add additional camera controls including a handy zoom dial. It also contains its own rechargeable 1200 mAh battery which will add a few more hours to the G5’s 2800mAh charge, ensuring that I never miss the moments that matter most.

Then there’s the CAM Plus, which attaches directly to the G5’s battery. This means you’ll need to power down in order to attach it, but the removable battery feature also gives users the option to swap in a fully charged  battery whenever they’re running low. LG has hinted that they will be introducing new “Friends” later in the year to add more fun accessories to the G5’s ecosystem. It will be exciting to see which new “Friends” they’ll be bringing to the party.

Beauty Meets Function

It’s easy to see why the G5 is surrounded by such an interesting and attractive entourage of “Friends.” The G5 improves on the plastic bodies of the previous G-series devices with an aluminum construction treated by LG’s proprietary “microdizing” process in which the phone is treated with a layer of paint and primer similar to the process for painting cars and planes. This makes the phone smoother, more comfortable to hold and more insulated to temperature changes.

Whereas the G3 and G4 had power and volume controls on the rear of the phone, LG has listened to user feedback and moved the volume buttons to the more traditional placement on the side of the phone. The rear power button doubles as a high accuracy fingerprint scanner that will quickly unlock your device when you pick it up.

The G5 is also one of the first smartphones to use a USB-C charging port – that means much faster charging and data transfer and as an added bonus, you’ll never be annoyed by putting the plug in the wrong way since USB-C has no up/down orientation. (Solving one of my biggest mobile pet peeves!) With a brilliant 5.3” screen and 32GB of internal storage (expandable micro-SD storage up to 2TB) the phone packs a ton of features into a noticably lightweight package. It’s one of the most comfortable and ergonomic phones I’ve ever had the pleasure of holding.

The Bottom Line

With the G5, LG has experimented with some bold new features without sacrificing the core performance of this excellent phone. And with hardware that is capable of speeds up to 300MBps, the G5 deserves to be supported by the Bell network, ranked Canada’s fastest by PC Mag. Visit a Bell Store to make friends with the LG G5 or visit our website to order today.

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