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National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Patrick Murphy shares his #TeamBell story

Posted October 17, 2023 in English by 0

I had been on short-term disability for about 3 months. I was diagnosed with ADHD (at age 48), along with Complex PTSD, Major Depression Disorder, and General Anxiety Disorder. I could not have every anticipated how open, caring, and supportive everyone was in the process; from my direct manager, my peers, and my Manulife Case Worker. By being open about my struggles, I found support I did not know existed at Bell, and strength in myself that I had forgotten about.

One of my key messages to share is to remember everyone at Bell comes from different backgrounds, different life experiences, and individual challenges. With the ADHD/PTSD diagnosis, not only do I have a better understanding of how and why I make decisions or struggle with certain tasks, but I also feel empowered to ask for help when needed. Through every step along the way, Bell and my direct team have been accommodating. 

In my case, my life experiences in my early 20s were very hard. In 1998, I was a witness in an active shooting situation in Vancouver. While I was not injured, the person standing beside me was shot. This, along with other situations I put myself in, left me homeless for a time and put me in a constant fight or flight mentality that I had to overcome. Once I asked for help in kindness, I found people are willing to help others get back on their feet.

After working at Bell for 20 years, and through many different districts, from union roles in Clerical/Call Centre, to Leadership positions in training/coaching, Project Delivery and IT Architecture and Management positions, I feel grateful and proud to work at a company that provides countless opportunities to grow, learn, and connect with our employees.

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