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Next Generation Push-to-Talk (PTT) is Here

Ever wish you could simultaneously talk to various people who work for your company just by picking up your mobile phone and pushing a single button – all within one second?

You can, with Push-to-talk (PTT) technology. Although PTT technology has been around for a long time, it’s in the midst of some sweeping advances that make it an excellent communications tool for your business.

What is PTT?
Push-to-talk is a technology that basically allows you to use your mobile phone like a two-way radio or ‘walkie-talkie’. Instead of dialing a whole phone number, you just push a button to connect to one or more people instantly. Another bonus for businesses is that PTT generally offers predictable billing due to the fact that PTT call time typically isn’t counted as ‘minutes’ under most mobile voice plans.

What types of businesses use PTT?
PTT has always been popular in industries like transportation, manufacturing and construction because workers can use it to communicate with each other from various locations without dialing mobile phone numbers separately each time. Users in these industries tend to use PTT on rugged phones specially designed to withstand high impacts and harsh conditions like water submersion or extreme weather.

However, PTT’s applicability is certainly not limited to these industries. The latest advancements in PTT technology have prompted businesses of all sizes and across all industries to begin leveraging this technology.  For example, the last time we discussed PTT here on the Bell Business Blog, Ryan Smith from Peninsula Video & Sound talked about how PTT has led to some dramatic improvements in his business.

What’s new in PTT?
One of the biggest challenges for PTT users to date has been that they’ve been forced to choose between data-based services and PTT services. However, this is no longer the case. Recent technology advancements now allow PTT users to email, text, or browse the web simultaneously with blazing fast data speeds.

These technology advancements come at a time when the PTT industry in Canada is at a crossroads. Recently, Sprint announced that they’d be shutting down their existing iDen network  by the end of June 2013. This announcement carries major implications for Canadians that are currently using a non-Bell PTT service, as they will no longer have roaming services in the US.

However, there is some good news for PTT users that are in this boat. Bell PTT services continue to offer the largest PTT coverage in Canada and coverage in the US, which is a great reason to make the switch to Bell.

How PTT from Bell can help your business
Any business with staff in the field knows just how critical communication can be. While Push-to-talk (PTT) has been around for a while, Bell is taking it to another level with next generation PTT service. Traditionally limited to rugged mobile devices, next generation PTT is available across an ever-expanding range of devices — including smartphones and superphones.

When you choose a PTT-enabled device from Bell, you get:

– Extensive coverage: Bell offers secure PTT services over the largest 4G network in Canada, and customers also receive roaming coverage in the U.S.

Speed: Bell’s PTT service lets you connect with up to 99 people in less than one second. PTT is a quick and efficient communication technology that connects you to your team instantly.

Cloud-based contact management: Is exclusive to Bell and allows you to update contacts once instead of syncing them with each of your other devices later.

Enhanced productivity: PTT service from Bell gives you the ability to conduct simultaneous PTT calling, emailing, texting and browsing. And because you can get PTT on your smartphone, you get a high-resolution screen and business apps too.

The bottom line
The latest innovations and improvements to PTT may pack just the right type of punch for many businesses.

If you’re considering PTT, Bell offers the fastest, most flexible dedicated solution with the largest coverage area in Canada today and coverage in the U.S.. And to ensure you’re able to choose a device that fits your needs perfectly, Bell also offers one of the largest selections of PTT-enabled devices among Canadian carriers.

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