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Preserving culture and language through art

Posted September 28, 2023 in English by 0

Kwe’! (Hello!) Ni’n teluisiIi (My name is) Marion! I am Mi’kmaw from Miawpukek First Nation, Ktaqmkuk (Conne River, Newfoundland). I moved to Toronto as a young aspiring artist and have been working as a professional artist and graphic designer for more than years… including working at Bell Media!

My style is heavily influenced by my Mi’kmaw culture, nature and Indigenous issues and awareness. My art consists of intricate shapes, traditional symbols and language, as well as objects from nature.

I use these elements to create artwork that aims to invoke an emotional response and tell a story. It is a priority for me to use my art in order to preserve my culture and language.

I love using my art to connect with people outside of my culture and to tell important stories. Working with Bell Media, I have recognized a lot more involvement with Indigenous creators in recent years and it’s been wonderful to have the opportunity to use my skills and perspective to contribute to these meaningful projects. It was a great honour to create key art, logo, and promotional materials for Crave’s ‘Little Bird’; a mini-series about the 60’s scoop, and the heart and soul of Truth and Reconciliation. It was wonderful to work with other Indigenous creators on such an important project that educates through beautiful storytelling, the tragic and painful history and continuing impacts of residential schools and the resilience and courage to heal and work towards a better, more inclusive future.

It was always one of my goals as an artist to leverage my skillset and background to connect and educate people in Canada through art, language and stories. I’m glad that Bell has made it a priority to get Indigenous employees involved in culturally related projects and I’m happy to be a part of a diverse team. We must continue to create meaningful, culturally significant and important art. 

Wela’lioq! (Thank you!)

Marion Green
Graphic Designer, Bell Media

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