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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – The Smartphone Evolves

The tech world has been buzzing about the innovative new Edge display on Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge since gadget fans got their first glimpse of the device last Fall. Samsung’s track-record of releasing devices with experimental new features like the Edge display has helped it maintain a well-deserved reputation for innovation. The 160-pixel wide curved Edge display marks an important evolution of phone displays by building a visually striking and extremely useful second screen onto the industry leading specs of the Galaxy Note 4. We’ve previously covered the amazing capabilities of the Note 4 so I’ll focus on the new features that put Samsung’s latest and most impressive device on the cutting edge of mobile technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge screen

The Note Edge comes loaded with a great selection of useful panels with third party developers like CNN and Twitter adding many more for download.

A Competitive Edge – The Note Edge is a conversation starter – I’ve had total strangers stop me on the subway to ask me about the futuristic looking curved display. More than just another pretty face for your device display, the Edge screen is a fully independent and uniquely useful second screen to help you multi-task. The Edge display is fully customizable with a variety of preloaded “panels” like Favourite Apps and Contacts, an S-Health Step Counter and a Task Manager. More panels are already available for download from third party developers like Yahoo Finance Updates (which displays a customized stock ticker perfectly suited for the Edge display), CNN News Headlines and Twitter Trending Topics. The Edge display can be used completely independently of the main screen, allowing you to check notifications while your phone is locked or to use the device’s unique Night Clock mode.

Multi-Tasking Evolved – The true beauty of the Note Edge is how seamlessly activity on the Edge display compliments the action on the 5.6” Quad HD Super AMOLED screen without interrupting or distracting from the main event. Incoming phone calls appear on the Edge display allowing you to answer or ignore a call without interrupting the activity on your main screen. For professional multi-taskers, Samsung’s Multi-Window feature allows you to split the main screen between two apps with full functionality while the Edge displays a third interface. Many apps have already incorporated the Edge screen to enhance their experience in interesting ways (e.g. you can pause and skip tracks on the Edge screen as music players like Songza run in the background). For those apps that have yet to develop uses for the new screen, the Edge can go dark to avoid distracting from main screen activity or users can flip through their customized panels to continue multi-tasking.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge screen

The Note Edge’s Multi-Window display allows you to watch a YouTube video and browse LinkedIn while the Edge screen displays a stream of Twitter’s Trending Topics.

Speed Evolved – The Note Edge is considered a “CAT-6” device which will allow it take advantage of the next evolution of speed as Bell continues to roll out the LTE Advanced network. If that sounds overly technical here’s an analogy: imagine a  sports-car that is capable of speeds far greater than the speed limit on most highways, being given another lane where it can demonstrate the full extent of its capabilities. This means faster video streaming and better download speeds than ever before. Luckily there is another edge panel that allows you to keep track of your data usage!

Power Management Evolved – Battery management has always been the biggest source of frustration with my previous phones which could never get me through the whole day on a single charge. With two brilliant screens displaying multiple apps at blazing fast speeds I expected the Note Edge to burn through its battery but was pleasantly surprised that I had much more power left at the end of a busy day than I anticipated. The 3000mAh battery is slightly smaller than the one in the Note 4 (to make room for the Edge screen) but with Ultra Power Saving Mode and fast charging (from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes) you can easily keep your Edge working or playing through the busiest of days.

The Phablet Evolved – Phablets took a while to find their place in the smart-phone market but with the Note Edge (and its predecessor the Note 4) this category of devices feel like it is ready for a much broader user base. The phone may still be too big for some users – it won’t fit into my car’s cup-holder and one-handed typing (especially using swipe keyboards like Swiftkey) can be challenging. I’ll often find myself holding the phone in a horizontal orientation, placing the Edge screen at the top of my view which actually enhances the overall experience. But for users who are in the market for a phone that provides lots of screen real-estate (including a truly innovative second screen experience) and best-in-class specs on Canada’s largest LTE network, Samsung’s latest phablet easily edges out the competition. Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is now available from Bell.

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Dan Flatt is Bell Canada’s Senior Manager of Social Media Strategy & Intelligence.

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