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Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S: Curb Appeal and Hardcore Hardware

Posted May 19, 2015 in Consumer, Lifestyle & Fun by 0

They say ignorance is bliss, and several years ago when I was constantly swapping back and forth between my laptop and a smartphone, I was quite content. I didn’t know what I was missing out on. But Samsung has given me an education in what having a tablet is all about.

Fast forward a few years and several devices later, and I often find myself using my tablet daily while my PC sits idle. The agility of the smaller device often trumps its clunky laptop cousin. And the increasing internal horsepower – along with the ability to throw it in my purse – make a tablet an undeniable asset for anyone who likes to work (or play) while on the move.

And for those who need a flexible device that works as hard as it plays, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S LTE 10.5 and Galaxy Tab S LTE 8.4 are strong contenders. These additions to Samsung’s mobility lineup could earn the title of most well-rounded tablets when it comes to features and potential uses.

Here are a few stand-out features you’ll love as soon as you power up either version of the Tab S:

High-End Hardware

Right out of the box, this new tablet iteration has an elegant look and feel. The Tab S design will feel familiar to Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge users — the slate looks almost identical to its smartphone counterparts.

Whether you’re tinkering with the 10.5-inch or 8.4-inch version, the stippled back plastic casing and beveled metallic edges make the device easy to hold and a pleasure to view. Both versions come in a slick polished dark gold colour called Titanium Bronze.

When it comes to the guts of this Samsung slate, the battery life is where the Galaxy Tab S really excels. On standby, a single charge keeps the tablet alive for up to 23 days. And mobile masters who use the tablet regularly can still count on the Galaxy Tab S to last through their waking hours. Crank up all the settings — turn on CraveTV for a marathon of Homeland episodes with the screen on maximum brightness — and the battery still proves resilient at just under 12 hours of life.

A Real Lightweight

As someone who often suffers from carting around heavy electronics on a daily basis (blame my oversized laptop), the portability of the Galaxy Tab S definitely ticks a box in the “pro” column.

The Tab S 10.5 tips the scales at a reasonable 467 grams. And weighing in at just 298 grams, the smaller Tab S 8.4 is also one of Samsung’s slimmest tablet iterations (a razor-thin 6.6 mm).

But Samsung didn’t sacrifice screen size or storage space when shaving millimetres and grams off the Tab S. The elegant new model features either a 10.5-inch or 8.4-inch Super AMOLED display, the first of Samsung’s tablets to use this technology. With four times the pixels of an HD TV, the vibrant AMOLED screen really shines when you’re flipping through high-res photos or streaming video via on-demand services like CraveTV. And both Tab S versions boast 16GB of internal memory and expandable memory up to 128 GB — ideal for loading up your tablet with your favourite apps, music, and your photo and video collection.

Seamless Syncing

Samsung’s SideSync 3.0 is a real boon for users of Samsung’s latest smartphones, such as the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy Note Edge. It lets you seamlessly move content between mobile devices and share it with their friends.

And once you complete the relatively simple setup process, switching from smartphone to tablet and back again for work or play is easy. Conveniently drag and drop files between your smartphone and tablet, share screens and copy and paste text from one to the other. A call forwarding feature also allows you to answer phone calls from your Tab S.

Multiple User Modes

If your kids are anything like my nieces and nephews, they often swipe your tablet without your knowledge (although it’s usually to play some heated rounds of Fruit Ninja).

Thankfully, Samsung offers a Kids Mode just for such situations. This user profile keeps them locked out of apps and features that store your sensitive information.

For additional privacy (and for the cool factor), both Tab S versions have incorporated finger scanners. The feature will only unlock the tablet if you scan in your unique fingerprint. There’s nothing like some biometric security to give you peace of mind that your data is secure. Plus, tapping your finger to unlock the tablet is even easier than typing a password.

The bottom line

The Galaxy Tab S LTE 10.5 and the Galaxy Tab S LTE 8.4 are solid options for tablet fans for both work and play. Whether you’re surfing the web, catching up on your favourite show (Game of Thrones, anyone?) or tackling your latest report, both Galaxy Tab S models meet every need — from the casual user to the hardcore mobility master.

What are your thoughts on these tablets? Share your feedback below in our comments section.

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