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Take the TV Out of Gaming with Sony’s Game Control Mount

Posted May 13, 2015 in Consumer, Lifestyle & Fun, Smartphones by 0

After a taxing day, it’s nice to come home and grab a little quality time with your favourite game.

The problem? Access to your usual gaming setup isn’t currently available. Other members of your family are currently keeping the big-screen TV busy watching the latest sports game or season finale. Until recently, that would’ve been a tough problem to solve. That is, until the Sony Game Control Mount came along.

Rather than sitting down in front of your PS4 console and big-screen TV to get into some Call of Duty action, you can now simply mount this clever device to an Xperia smartphone or tablet to relish in a completely wireless gaming experience.

Interactive Gaming Right in Your Hands

When the game control mount is paired with your Xperia device, mobile gaming takes on a new meaning. Although your device may have a smaller screen than your family TV, gamers aren’t sacrificing any interactivity or experience with this setup.

Sony has gone to great lengths to ensure that this gaming mount is a sound investment for dedicated PlayStation 4 players. When the mount is attached to a DualShock 4 controller and Xperia device, the combination of accessories is instantly transformed into a full-fledged mobile gaming console.

The mount also holds your Xperia smartphone or tablet securely and provides an unspoiled gaming experience without feeling clunky or heavy. The suction cup and hinge attachment balance and support your Xperia device to create a seamless mobile merger.

Simple Setup

Even for those who had issues programming VCRs (remember those?), turning your Xperia screen into a PS4 mobile console is quick and painless.

First, just visit the Google Play store on your Xperia Z2 or Z3 series device to download the PS4 Remote Play app. Connect to your PS4 console through the app via your WiFi (both must be on the same network). Load up a supported game and et voila! Your mobile device is now both screen and controller for remote gaming.

For the full Remote Play experience, wirelessly connect a PS4 controller to your Xperia via Bluetooth and merge the two using the game control mount. With the device perched securely atop the controller, gamers of any age can enjoy satisfying playtime from anywhere in their home without battling for control of the big screen.

The bottom line

Rather than waiting for time in front of the family TV, the Sony Game Control Mount allows users to move their play away from the confines of the TV. And the marriage of the native PS4 controller with Xperia device and well-balanced mount is a mobile match made in gaming heaven.

Have you used the Sony Game Control Mount? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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