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The Connected Family: 6 Tips to Manage Mobile Data Usage

Posted August 25, 2014 in Consumer, English, Mobile Parent, Smartphones by 0

Often, without even knowing it, teens’ and tweens’ browsing habits can quickly put a family over their monthly internet usage quota.

When the family is out and about, smartphone in hand, uploading Instagram updates and live-tweeting their afternoon, data usage can really add up. Of course, a little vigilance on the part of mom and dad is key. But, by employing a few of the following tips, and encouraging your family to do the same, everyone can get the most out of their mobile devices:

  1. Close unused apps. This is easily one of the most common sources of data leach as many apps continue to use data even when running in the background.
  2. Use Wi-Fi in place of your cellular network connection whenever possible, especially when streaming music, videos or updating your apps. (Side note: Did you know that Bell customers get access to Canada’s largest Wi-Fi network?)
  3. Many applications like email or social networking platforms often search for and download data automatically. Be sure to check your settings and disable this functionality.
  4. Browse mobile versions of websites when possible as they tend to be simplified versions that will load faster and use less data.
  5. Preserve your mobile browser’s cache, which acts as a repository that stores information and images from frequently visited sites. Doing so will ensure your device isn’t repeatedly downloading data every time you click into them.
  6. Clear out old apps. Many continue to draw data for updates and push notifications.

For an even more hands-on approach to monitoring your monthly usage, you can utilize the Bell Self Serve App. Not only does it allow you to keep tabs on monthly data usage for both your mobile and home accounts, but you can also pay bills, update your plan and more. It’s quick, easy to use and absolutely free.

What other tips and tricks can you share with families looking to manage their monthly mobile data usage? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. And, if you haven’t already had the chance, check out our tips on How to Manage Household Data Usage. Thanks for reading.

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