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The Real Cost of Email: June 20th #BellBiz Twitter Chat

Do you know exactly how much your organization is spending on email?

Many Canadian organizations don’t. Running an in-house email program requires organizations to purchase infrastructure, support it with skilled IT staff, and incur a number of other costs related to security, software and storage. And while the cost of utilizing a cloud-based email service is easy to measure – due to the fact that nearly all providers publish per-user, per-month fees – the true cost of running email in-house is often harder to calculate.

Among other reasons, this is often due to the fact that many organizations cover their in-house email costs related to hardware, software, staffing, security, storage and financing across multiple budgets, so costs are spread out across the organization.

Our next #BellBiz Twitter chat will discuss how you can begin to determine the true cost of email in your organization. Join us on June 20th at 1 PM EST and we’ll tackle the following questions:

1.  How many emails do you typically send and receive in a day?

2.  What email platform(s) are you running today?

3.  How many resources do you have supporting your email platform(s) today?

4.  Is it a challenge to retain these highly skilled resources in-house?

5.  Have you ever experienced an email outage? What was the impact? And how was it fixed?

6.  Do you get a large volume of spam? How much does it cost you to manage?

7.  Have you had an email security breech in the last 2 years? What was the impact?

8.  Are your costs for storage and data retention escalating year over year?

9.  Who has moved email to a cloud/hosted model vs. running yourself on-premises? Why?

10. Mobile email – are your staff members accessing their email on mobile devices?

Since budgetary pressures are a reality in every organization, it’s important to gain a clear view on exactly what your organization’s email costs are so you can find ways to achieve efficiencies. Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss your organization’s current approach to email and share insight with other organizations and industry experts on how to reduce email-related costs and improve efficiency.

Join our live #BellBiz Twitter chat on Thursday, June 20th at 1 PM EST. Participating is simple – just follow the #BellBiz hashtag and you’re there! We’re looking forward to chatting with you!

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