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The Samsung Galaxy S5 – Does It Cut It for Business?

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, is here.

As expected, it’s packed with enough features to keep virtually anyone occupied for weeks. From ultra-high-speed connectivity to a heart rate monitor, it’s clear that Samsung is once again stretching the bounds of what smartphones can do.

All of this is great for consumers who want to have the latest and greatest. But what about business users? Does an improved camera appeal to professional users as well as everyday consumers? Does it deliver enough unique business value to convince you to consider an upgrade? Features that grab consumers’ attention don’t always benefit business users in the same manner, and corporate or professional buyers need to evaluate their next device through a different decision-making lens.

The good news for them is that Samsung certainly makes a compelling case for the forward-thinking business person. Rather than simply packing on the features, Samsung has clearly put itself in the shoes of productivity-seeking mobile professionals. The Galaxy S5 features a number of well-integrated solutions that help corporate users get more work done wherever they are.

Here’s a quick look at some of the key features that will give businesses of any size, in any market, reason to take a closer look:

Knox 2.0. Samsung’s end-to-end security platform keeps data and apps from falling into the wrong hands. This latest update to Knox, first introduced last year, is even easier to use, and is more developer-friendly than before. It also keeps personal and professional uses – and billing – separate, which is just the ticket in today’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) landscape.

Fingerprint scanning. Passwords are easily forgotten by users and easily guessed by hackers. Biometrics like fingerprints make it far more convenient to authenticate – and they’re far more secure, too. The fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 is integrated into the home key, and supports one-touch mobile payments. As developers become more familiar with the new hardware, expect even more business- and fingerprint-friendly apps to hit the Google Play store.

High-speed connectivity. A built-in download booster feature combines 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi connections to significantly accelerate file transfer speeds. When you’re in the middle of a meeting and everyone’s waiting on you to grab the updated slide deck, this could be a lifesaver.

Multi-window views. With a 5.1-inch screen and software that allows easy side-by-side display of multiple apps, multitasking is a snap on this device. As we’ve known for so long on our everyday PCs, not having to flip between apps is a huge productivity booster, and the S5 sets a new bar for smartphone-based multitasking.

Push-to-talk (PTT). Download a PTT app to the Galaxy S5 and you’ll be ready to connect instantly with your colleagues. Using your phone like a walkie-talkie without boundaries can facilitate ideal workflow scenarios, like a one-to-many dispatch style broadcast. You can also get access to easy-to-use tools that can help you manage your PTT communications such as a 24-7 worker safety solution and online contact management.

Ultra Power Saving mode. While the battery is slightly larger than before, the rest of the device now has even more ways to automatically reduce power usage. It can switch the screen to black-and-white mode, turn off all non-essential radios and services and significantly reduce the draw from normally power-intensive services like GPS and motion sensing. When you’re hammering on your device throughout a long workday, every little bit of juice helps.

The bottom line
Business users have very specific needs when choosing a smartphone. The features that tend to attract traditional consumers may or may not help drive business, as well. In some cases, they may even get in the way.

Fortunately for fans of Samsung’s flagship Android-powered smartphones, the latest Galaxy S5 continues to appeal to users who just want to get work done. Between security, interface enhancements and productivity-focused apps, it’s an ideal alternative for road warriors who don’t always want to break out the laptop. If you’re looking for a more serious reason to upgrade, this is it.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s latest device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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