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The Silicon Valley Of The North: Awesome “Made In Canada” Apps

Posted June 30, 2015 in Lifestyle & Fun, Tips by 1

Not all tech geniuses bike along the golden gate bridge en route to one of the hottest Palo Alto start-ups. In reality, there’s a booming and innovative tech sector that exists right here on our home turf! With that in mind, I’ve tried, tested and hand-selected the most exciting Canadian-made apps on the market. These apps tap into the changing trends of our society and equip users with tools to make their lives more efficient (and entertaining!).

This Canada Day, make your life a little bit simpler and download some of the best apps by some of our country’s brightest developers:


Download for Android or iOS (Free) 

Turn your smartphone into a valuable money saving tool with Flipp – an app that delivers your favorite location-specific weekly flyers to your fingertips. Browse the brands you love and the shopping centers you frequent to find your favourite items at the right price. When you find a product that interests you, tap to “clip” and save it to your in-app shopping list. Consider yourself a bargain hunter? You will find benefit in the innovative “discount slider” – a feature that allows you to highlight items on sale that fit your budget. The app also notifies you about your expiring clippings and nearby offers so you never miss an unbelievable deal. Throw away your scissors and get ready to clip with Flipp!


Download for Android or iOS (Free) 

If you seek out style inspiration everywhere you go, Style Kick is your new must-have accessory. The app compiles street style photos from fashion-forward bloggers and prominent fashionistas around the globe. Curate your own virtual “closet” of stylish outfits by double-tapping the “looks” that you love, with the option to stash covetable photos into your “favourites folder” for later viewing. Best of all, by tracking what you “like” over time, StyleKick learns your personal preferences and presents you with outfits that suit your individual style. Ready or not, the runway awaits!

7 Minute Workout Challenge

Download for Android or iOS ($3.49) 

Can you get fit in less time than it takes most people to get ready for the day? The answer is yes! Well, as long as you commit to the 7 Minute Workout Challenge. This app guides and pushes you through a total of twelve different research-proven exercises in a seven-minute intense workout – with no rest. Best of all, you’ll have trouble coming up with excuses to avoid your work-out, as the moves are simple to perform and do not require any special equipment. For added incentive, record your favourite shows with the Fibe TV app right before working up a sweat – knowing you can relax on the couch afterwards is motivation enough to step up to the challenge!


Download for Android or iOS (Free)

Stir up some delicious recipes with Cookspiration, a cookbook app created by Dietitians of Canada that provides customized nutritional choices based on “mood” selection and the time of day. Each recipe page includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions, substitution ideas, and nutritional information. And even if your house is full of a variety of eaters, you’ll still be able to find ideas to fit even the pickiest taste buds with sections like: “Spice is Nice!”, “Budget Friendly” or “Kids Choice.” Inspired yet?

Minuum – The Little Keyboard for Big Fingers

Download for Android or iOS ($3.99)

Do you sometimes feel like your smartphone keyboard doesn’t “get” you? Introducing the Minuum app– an innovative “smart” keyboard with a small, single-row of letters, designed for increased typing accuracy and additional screen space. Minuum relies on an algorithm to predict the words and phrases you are attempting to type based on the pattern of your finger-taps, so you can type fast and be sloppy (and Minuum will still know what you mean!). The app includes colorful, customizable keyboards and makes Emoji suggestions based on your previous activity. Best of all, Minuum makes typing with one-hand comfortable, which is useful if you are a user of a larger smartphone like the Note Edge. What do you say about letting Minuum get to know your messaging style better?

Transit App

Download for Android or iOS (Free) 

Every commuter has likely felt the frustration of not knowing the public transportation schedule. That’s where Transit comes in – an app that delivers real-time bus, train, and ferry information to users in more than 25 Canadian cities. Pin your favourite lines so that your usual routes are automatically tracked, allowing you to easily rely on the “time of arrival” estimates and plan your trip accordingly. Going somewhere out of the ordinary? The “Trip Planner” provides you with the best customized combination of walking and public transit to get you where you need to go. Transit: the app-propriate way to take control of your daily commute frustration. 

The bottom line 

App-reciating Canada just got better! Knowing that these exciting and beneficial apps have been created by the hard work of Canadian developers makes using them much more enjoyable. I wish you all a Happy Canada Day and hope that my recommendations provide you with an additional source of pride for our country (and some fun, of course!).

Do you use any other apps made in Canada? Share them in the comment section below!

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One response to “The Silicon Valley Of The North: Awesome “Made In Canada” Apps”

  1. jimphoto says:

    I’m loving the Learn Photo365 Photo Assignment app. It was made by a photographer in my home province of New Brunswick! Tons of ideas and photo tips that are great for anyone taking part in a photo 365 or just trying to improve their photography.

    I tried putting in a link in this comment, but it detected it as spam, so I guess you’ll just have to search on the app store.


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