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Your Crave TV Guide to What to Watch on New Year’s Eve

Posted December 21, 2015 in Consumer, Lifestyle & Fun, Television by 0

So, you’ve resisted the FOMO brought on by your family and friends and have decided to stay home for New Year’s Eve. I commend you. I always choose to skip the chaos of the night and celebrate with other people…on TV! And this year, my night will revolve around Crave TV.

If you too are opting for the less expensive, warm and toasty New Year’s celebration, I’ve got you covered with my list of must-watch holiday-themed TV shows to enjoy before the ball drops. While Fibe TV will likely be full of entertaining New Year’s specials, there’s something nostalgic about watching reruns on the eve of a new year. And being able to watch a genre of TV right when you crave it… well that’s just better.

Alas, this post will help you create your very own New Year’s TV guide with my list of mood-based recommendations below:

Craving a Laugh?

  1. Seinfeld fans: Get ready for a “Festivus for the rest of us,” a hilarious alternative holiday created by Jerry’s father as a way to counter the pressures of Christmas season in this season 9 episode. And don’t forget to BYOB (Bring your own bagels) because Kramer just got word that the 12-year bagel strike at H&H Bagels is officially over!
  2. 30 Rock rarely disappoints when topical moments are on the line and this season 2 holiday episode is perfect proof. Join the staff’s annual “Ludachristmas” party planning session as Kenneth teaches them the true meaning of Christmas. Then decide if you feel sorry or can’t help but LOL when Jack gets attached to Liz’s nurturing parents because their affection is unlike anything he’s ever received from his Mom.
  3. There’s a New Year’s Eve bash at the comic store in this season 4 episode of Big Bang Theory and Penny and her new boyfriend Zack are reeled in as participants in the crew’s DC Comic Justice League of America costume group. All I’ll tell you is that Penny is going as Wonder Woman and Zack is dressed as Superman. Tune in to find out if they will they win the best costume prize.

Craving Drama?

  1. Leave it to My So-Called Life to turn this season 1 episode about New Year’s resolutions into a tissue-filled experience as Rickie’s attempt to find a place where he belongs proves to be more difficult than he ever imagined.
  2. Re-live a Cohen family coined Chrismakah, a 50/50 split Hanukkah and Christmas celebration in this fan-favourite season 1 episode of The O.C. Like every other party in Orange Country, no drama is left behind as Seth continues leading two women on and Marissa struggles to cope with her difficult family situation.
  3. If you feel like you need a good cry this New Year’s Eve, I highly recommend the season 2 episode of Veronica Mars where Veronica’s best friend Wallace arrives at her door when she needs him most. Did I mention this happens on New Year’s Eve?

Craving Romance?

  1. This New Year’s Eve episode from season 1 of The O.C. will have your heart racing as Ryan fights the clock to kiss Marissa before midnight. I know what you’re wondering and yes, this episode is just as nerve-racking as the lead up to the legendary Spiderman kiss between Seth and Summer in season 2.
  2. This season 1 episode of Friday Night Lights is not New Year’s themed but it’s a must-watch if you’re in need of some “feel good” scenes. Prepare to be moved as Matt scores the winning touchdown to take the Panthers to State, followed by a heartfelt confession from Julie…

Craving something that has absolutely nothing to do with New Years?

For many people, New Year’s Eve is just another typical night. If you fall into this category, documentaries are the perfect way to lose yourself in a night of relaxation. Here’s what I’m suggesting:

  1. Love technology? I recommend iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World, a film that celebrates the innovation of creative visionary, Steve Jobs.
  2. Fashionistas: forget about your own outfit for the night and experience the exclusive In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye, a documentary profiling the world’s most influential fashion magazine and its iconic editors.

The Bottom Line:

The end of the holiday season can feel exhausting. And then December 31st comes along and there’s all this hype about going out and celebrating the new year. But, staying in for New Year’s Eve costs less money and can often times be far less of hassle. If you’re like me and prefer to spend the holiday indulging in delicious food with good company and great TV, I recommend the Crave TV route. I mean, pajamas, popcorn and people (well, characters) that you love…that’s an ideal night in-the-making, at least according to me!

Crave more holidays? Check out our Holiday Collection available on Crave TV and let the spirit of the holiday season last long after it’s officially 2016.

Which shows will make it into your TV itinerary for New Year’s Eve? Share your thoughts!

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